Our car hire services in Hervey Bay will take you further

At Hervey Bay Rent a Car, we are a local, family operated business, specialising in professional personal service. We rent small, medium and large vehicles, self-drive busses, utilities, trailers and bicycles. We even have automatic scooters that can be ridden on a car licence. All are available seven days a week. Our vehicles are spotlessly clean and maintained exclusively by us. We can also provide in-car navigation systems, tour maps, baby seats, strollers, bike racks and fixed price quotes, so there is nothing else to pay, and no surprises when you return the car. Whether you need car hire in Hervey Bay for work, pleasure, travel or simply convenience, you can trust Hervey Bay Rent A Car to get you on the road. Contact us today!

Rental service

We take the hassle out of car hire in Hervey Bay.

At Hervey Bay Rent A Car, our competitive prices and professional service put us at the top of the market, and airport or motel pick-up and delivery of our vehicles is included.

Package deals can also be arranged with all sorts of local attractions. As local residents of Hervey Bay, we can advise you on special sights and activities catering for your individual tastes. We want you to enjoy visiting our beautiful part of Queensland and will spend the time with you to ensure you take full advantage of our extensive local knowledge.

If you don’t wish to travel too far, our scooters are a fantastic way to see the sights of Hervey Bay, they are so simple to ride being automatic, light and highly manoeuvrable. Our customers regularly inform us of how much fun they have had on the scooters, even when they have never ridden one before.

Making it easy

At Hervey Bay Rent A Car, it is our policy to explain the controls and systems fitted to our vehicles, to every customer. We don’t hand you a set of keys and wave you goodbye. We ensure you are comfortable and confident before you drive off.Our team are relied on every day to get vehicles checked, cleaned, serviced and delivered to our next valued customer.

Your time is obviously important to you, so we make it important to us as well. During business hours, we can generally deliver a vehicle to you, anywhere in the Hervey Bay area within 45 minutes. We are a flexible family run business aiming to make your stay an enjoyable one. Nothing is too difficult when you use Hervey Bay Rent A Car.

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